Master APICS CPIM - Certified in Planning & Inventory Management - Interactive Live Webinar


Choose between 2 training paths:
a) 45 hours in 6 months
b) Flipped Class mode (FC) - 23 hours in 5 months


a) 45 hours: 11 April 2024
b) 23 hours (FC): 20 March 2024 LAST SEAT


a) 45 hours: CHF 5950 + VAT
b) 23 hours (Flipped Class): CHF 3665 + VAT
Fees include learning system


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Master APICS CPIM - Certified in Planning & Inventory Management - Interactive Live Webinar

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The Executive Master is aimed at preparing the candidate for the APICS Certified in Planning & Inventory Management (CPIM) international certification. Since 2023, the CPIM certification is acquired by passing 1 exam, which merges the old Part 1 and Part 2.

Advance has designed the Interactive Live Webinar mode to meet the needs of those who, for private or professional reasons, cannot take part in the classroom lessons of Intercompany courses. The participant combines self-study moments with live webinar sessions with a certified instructor. The sessions follow each other on a weekly basis. During the last session, the instructor assigns participants a mock exam.

We designed 2 training paths in Live Webinar mode:
a) 45 hours path: it is organized in 15 sessions of 3 hours. All CPIM course contents will be treated in depth.
b) 23 hours path – Flipped Class Mode (FC): it is aimed at those who already have good experience in Operations/Supply Chain Management and who want to systematize their knowledge with an international body of knowledge. In this training path the participant is required to carry out a pre-read of the concepts before the session and will then deepen the key concepts with the Instructor.

At the end of the training, the participant will take the APICS exam and will achieve the prestigious CPIM certification.


The CPIM program addresses in a complete and comprehensive manner all the relevant tools for corporate operational management. The course is based on the APICS Body of Knowledge (BOK) and is aimed at:

  • Transfering the Best Practices to the Operations and Supply Chain Management Area
  • Preparing the candidate for CPIM Certification (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management) 
  • Promoting the transition from knowledge to skills



Advance also offers in-house training programs upon request.


  • Teaching plan



    The course is structured as follows:

    • A training phase via live webinar
    • An individual study phase with distance support from instructors
    • Simulation of the exam with discussion of the results


    The course is divided into Interactive Live Webinar sessions with certified instructors.

    The intensive format of the webinar requires independent study, between sessions, to make the learning process more effective.

    Teaching, material and the final exam are in English. 

    In order to obtain the CPIM certification, from 2023 the professional has to pass 1 Exam, which merge the old Part 1 and Part 2.




    Module 1- Supply Chains and Strategy

    • Supply Chains, the Environment, and Strategy
    • Strategic Scope and Objectives
    • Developing and Managing Organizational Strategy
    • Functional and Operational Strategies
    • Environments, Types, and Layouts
    • Performance Monitoring and KPIs
    • Risk Management
    • Capital Equipment and Facilities
    • Sustainability Strategies


    Module 2 - Sales and Operations Planning

    • S&OP Purpose and Process
    • Aggregate Demand and Supply Plans
    • Reconciling S&OP Plans


    Module 3 -  Demand

    • Demand Management
    • Sources of Demand/Forecasting
    • Forecast Performance


    Module 4 - Supply

    • Creating and Validating the Master Schedule
    • Using and Maintaining the Master Schedule
    • Material Requirements Planning
    • CRP and Scheduling
    • Suppliers and Purchasing
    • Changes and Product Life Cycle Management


    Module 5 - Detailed Schedules

    • Planning Detailed Schedules
    • Scheduling and PAC Methods
    • Creating Production and Service Schedules
    • Managing Detailed Schedules and Scheduling Materials


    Module 6 - Inventory

    • Inventory Planning
    • Inventory and Product Costs, Value, and Metrics
    • Itemized Inventory Management
    • Inventory Control


    Module 7 - Distribution

    • Planning Distribution
    • Replenishment and Order Management
    • Waste Hierarchy and Reverse Logistics


    Module 8 - Quality, Technology, and Continuous Improvement

    • Quality
    • Technology
    • Continuous Improvement


    Additional Module for in-house courses: Serious Game (1 day)

    This application module of acquired knowledge, together with a qualified APICS instructor, is part of Advance School's Train for Per4mance program. The module examines the tactical and strategic choices to be applied in the Supply Chain to improve the P&L of a company


    For more information on the benefits, read the Success Story Advance - Case New Holland: Train for Per4mance


  • Who is the course aimed at

    The course focuses on the following professional figures:


    • Logistics managers and staff resources
    • Management Consultants
    • Production managers and staff resources
    • Plant Managers
    • Purchasing Officers
    • New recruiting staff to quickly enter the company in the Logistics or Production area
    • Personnel involved in the implementation or use of ERP systems




    In order to obtain the certification CPIM - Certified in Planning and Inventory Management, a single final Computer Based Exam (CBT) is required, which can be held at PearsonVue Test Centres located throughout the country.

    Regarding the exam's date, there are no fixed dates to sit for CPIM exam: it is possibile to take the exam when you prefer based on the Test Centre's availability, within 12 months from the beginning of the course.

    The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions in English, over 3.5 hours. 

    You can find the full list of PearsonVue Test Centres at the link: and under "Find a test centre" on the right.

  • Pricing and enrolment



    • 45 Hours: CHF 5950 + VAT
    • 23 Hours (Flipped Class): 3665 CHF + VAT



    For the 45 hours programme,a discounted fee will be applied for registrations received 45 days before the starting date of the course.

    The fee includes the official APICS learning material but it does not include exams.

    Contact our school to receive a comprehensive offer with Exam and 2nd Chance exam, at


    The course requires a minimum of 6 participants for the activation. Seats are limited in order to allow optimal interaction between participants and instructors.

    To enrol, send the registration form with the receipt of the bank transfer or a purchase order to the following Email: 



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  • Why choose the CPIM Certification

    "Do not miss the opportunity to stand out in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Enhance your skills with the Apics CPIM - Certified in Planning and Inventory Management program." »