Why choose the CPIM Certification

The international program APICS CPIM - Certified in Planning and Inventory Management - is an unmissable opportunity to stand out in the dynamic world of Operations and Supply Chain management, as well as in planning and control

Here's why you should consider this opportunity:


1. Global Certification of Excellence: CPIM is the globally recognized mark of excellence in Inventory Management and Planning. Obtaining this certification will position you as a standout professional with advanced skills in planning, production, inventory management, and more.


2. Tangible Career Benefits: CPIM-certified professionals have achieved outstanding results, with an average salary surpassing the market average by 23%. This certification provides you with a globally applicable skill set, offering an unparalleled competitive advantage.


3. Advanced Content and Skills: The course covers a wide range of crucial topics, including production planning and control through the APICS model, optimal management of stock and demand, strategies to improve operations and reduce costs, and advanced techniques for optimizing the supply chain.


4. Excellence in Training Experience: Advance Operations Management School, with offices in Switzerland and Italy, is Premier Elite Partner of ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) for APICS education and is a Leader in Europe in Supply Chain and Operations Management Training.  With us, you'll have access to an interactive learning environment, official APICS educational materials and support from the best ASCM Instructors, who are Senior Managers with multi-years experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management.


Below you can read some testimonials bySenior Managers who got certified CPIM:


General Manager Mec-Track Caterpillar: "The CPIM course is undoubtedly the standard of excellence in the Operations area and a training priority for every company and professional. The role of Advance was crucial to the success of the course thanks to the professionalism and expertise of its tutors."


Vice President of Company Supply Chain at STMicroelectronics: "At ST, we have been working with APICS tools and certifications for a long time, and we consider APICS best practices as a fundamental part of the training and professional growth of our people in the Supply Chain. The collaboration with Advance School has allowed us to achieve excellent levels of competence and increase our competitiveness in the supply chain, thanks to the training provided by Senior Managers who bring their experience to the classroom and present cases very close to the challenging reality we face in a global world."


Production Planning Manager - Bausch + Lomb: "Thank you for your availability, I would like to add that your course was very interesting, useful for effective learning of the topics, and an important moment of professional sharing that I would recommend to every Supply Chain specialist. I am very satisfied with the journey we have taken together. Thank you."


Senior Manager - Deloitte Consulting: "For the professional services I provide in contact with our Clients operating in industrial sectors and to ensure services with high-quality standards, it is necessary to have high competencies in the area of Operations Management, basic competence is not enough. With the CPIM/APICS course from Advance, I have achieved my goals and through the training tool, I have saved time."




Enrol and speed up your career!


Don't miss the opportunity to join the upcoming CPIM courses starting in March 2024, both in-person and via webinar. The course start dates are:



  • Lausanne | March 14
  • Basel | March 18


Webinar (45 hours): April 11


Webinar (flipped class): March 20


For all three modalities, we offer an early registration 45 days before the start. Don't let this opportunity slip away! Enroll now and invest in your future success with the APICS CPIM course for professional and personal growth.


Contact us for further information at email: or phone: +41 79 5974100.


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