2024 ASCM Survey Reveals: APICS Certification as a Competitive Edge in the Job Market



With global salary trends from over 5,000 participants across a wide range of roles and experience levels, the 2024 ASCM Supply Chain Salary and Career Report analyzes career satisfaction information, top skills employers are looking for, career paths of supply chain professionals, and more! This comprehensive report underscores the significant impact that APICS/ASCM certifications have on salaries and career opportunities worldwide. Here’s a summary of the report’s key findings and why investing in an APICS certification can transform your professional future.


A Competitive Edge in the Job Market

The report clearly shows that supply chain professionals with APICS certifications earn significantly more than their non-certified peers. For example, the median salary for a professional with an APICS certification is $104,000, an 18% increase compared to those without certifications​​. Additionally, those with two or more certifications see a median salary increase of up to 17%​​. This highlights the importance of continuous education and certification to maximize earning potential.

 Fig. 1 - Impact of APICS certification on Salaries


Salary Growth and Job Stability

Another significant finding is that 70% of supply chain professionals find new employment within three months of starting their job search​​. This rapid hiring rate, coupled with an average salary growth of 20% for job changers, underscores the high demand for qualified talent in the industry​​. Having an APICS certification not only boosts earning potential but also offers greater job security and mobility in the labor market.


International Best Practices and Professional Development

APICS certifications not only increase salaries but also provide advanced, internationally recognized skills. Large companies actively seek APICS-certified professionals in their job postings, and the report highlights that those with these certifications are better prepared to tackle global market challenges​​. Skills acquired include the use of advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing, as well as essential emotional intelligence skills like critical thinking and collaboration​​.


Job Satisfaction and Career Opportunities

A fundamental aspect of the report is job satisfaction: 60% of supply chain professionals rate their job satisfaction at 8 or higher on a 10-point scale​​. This high level of satisfaction is also reflected in career longevity, with 81% of respondents planning to remain in the field for at least the next five years​​. APICS certifications help build a career that is not only lucrative but also rewarding and sustainable in the long term.


Regional Salary Differences

The ASCM report also highlights regional salary differences, providing a comprehensive view of global opportunities. For example, in Europe, supply chain professionals earn a median of €60,720, with additional compensation like bonuses and incentives significantly boosting total earnings​​. In North America, certified professionals see a median salary increase of up to 20% compared to non-certified individuals, demonstrating the universal benefits of APICS certifications​​.

 Fig. 2 - Supply Chain Salaries in Europe


The Importance of Continuing Education

Beyond the immediate benefits of higher salaries and job opportunities, the report emphasizes the importance of continuing education. Professionals with a combination of a degree and an APICS certification achieve median salaries 11% higher than those with just a degree​​. This data underscores the value of ongoing education and constant updates to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


 Fig. 3 - Salaries of APICS Certified Professionals compared to Graduates



Investing in an APICS/ASCM certification is not only a smart career choice but a strategic move for the future. Certifications offer a competitive edge in the job market, significantly boost earning potential, and enhance job stability. Additionally, they provide advanced, internationally recognized skills and contribute to greater job satisfaction and career longevity. For anyone working or aspiring to work in the supply chain management sector, APICS certifications represent a unique opportunity to grow and thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving global market.

To download the full Report, please click on ASCM Salary survey 2024

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