APICS Association

APICS, the Association for Operations Management, is a non-profit organisation based in the US, which offers the opportunity to acquire excellent skills through internationally recognised certification programmes.

To date, the association coordinates an international network of dozens of companies and universities in more than 40 states, in order to promote and disseminate their professional certification programmes, recognised as standards of excellence. With more than 80,000 subscribers, it is one of the largest professional associations in the world.

Companies employing APICS certified staff have the right skills to satisfy the customer, to reduce costs and to operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Certification allows companies to:

  • employ Best Practice to reduce costs and improve customer service
  • manage processes more effectively and efficiently
  • function successfully in an increasingly competitive environment
  • form a common core of excellent skills
  • enhance staff development planning

For these reasons, many multinational companies and management consultancies consider APICS certification as a fundamental element of their staff development planning.

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