One of Advance School's differentiation elements is its Faculty.

The school can boast a pool of instructors certified APICS, ISM, Lean IIBLC®, Six Sigma, IBF  and PMP with many years of teaching and professional experience, who also work as Managers and Consultants at major and multinational companies.

Our Instructors have different professional experiences and, alternating in the classroom, bring different examples of Best Practice and Excellence, making the training more stimulating and interactive, as well as creating great value for the participants.

Advance dedicates constant attention to the development plan of its Instructors, scheduling regular training sessions in line with APICS and ISM guidelines.

In addition, the school, once identified the needs of the Customer, can select Instructors with specific experiences (area, Industry, etc) to provide the Best Value.

You will find below some of our Instructors.


    Currently Vice President Operations for Vibram Group

    Previously Director Global Industrial and Operations for Vibram Group.


    Competences: During his career he has gained various experiences in many Industrial sectors (including the production of Energy) as well as the Services sector, holding several roles and with increasing responsibility such as Manager of Production and Logistics, Technical Director, Factory Manager and Managing Director.

    He is a profound expert of Lean and Six Sigma.


    Certifications: CPIM,CSCP, CLTD (APICS), Lean Champion (IIBLC®), Six Sigma Champion (LECO), MBA


    Currently Vice President of Manufacturing for Samsonite.

    Previously Director, Global Operations & PMO for Ansell Healthcare.


    Competences: With over 15 years as Director Supply Chain and Plant Operations level, he has gained experience with Global International Companies.

    He has a deep experience of Lean and Six Sigma, he teaches CPIM e CSCP.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, SCOR–P (APICS), Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt Certified


    Currenty General Manager at Lesaffre Italy and Partner at Advance Group Italy & Switzerland.

    Previously E2E Supply Chain Programme Manager and Managing Director at Cargill.


    Competences: During his career he covered several roles in Supply Chain and Operations Management in VALEO, CROWN and CARGILL, taking part to SAP and JDE implementations. In the last 15 years he covered the roles of Plant Manager, General Manager and E2 SC Programme Manager of 9 manufacturing sites in Europe

    He has strong skills in Supply Chain and Operations Mgt., Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent Management and Manufacturing 4.0.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P (APICS)


    Currently Platform Supply Network Facility Manager at Caterpillar Global Paving Italy.

    Previously Platform Purchasing Manager at Caterpillar.


    Competences: For +15 years was involved in Six Sigma and Lean programs such as Lean and Black Belt, as well as TPM, continuous improvement programs in Supply Chain Planning & Execution.

    In addition to being expert in Lean and Six Sigma, she is also expert in Change Management and implementation of SAP of JDE, having been an ERP Senior Consultant and having held the position of IT Manager for Caterpillar Service Italia.


    Certifications: CPIM (APICS)


    Currently Senior Partner Transitive Management at AMJ

    APICS & Demand Driven MRP Instructor


    Competences: Senior hands-on Supply Chain professional with financial background and more than 15 years of project management experience in local as well as international business initiatives, including sales & operational planning (S&OP), production, distribution and inventory mainly in the blue ship organizations from the chemical industries in Europe, US, Asia and Middle-East.

    Strengths include the assessment, design and reengineering of supply chain business processes making them more efficient through better KPI management system and effective SAP implementation as well as SAP realignment for various modules & functionalities: SAP IM, MM, SD, SCM, APO.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, SCOR–P (APICS), DDL, DDPP (Demand Driven Institute)


    Currently Operations and Supply Chain Director at Forgital Group Italy + France

    Previously Plant Manager and EMEA Logistic&Distribution Director at GE Energy Industrial Solutions.


    Competences: He has more than 20 years of experience as Logistics Manager and in the field of Supply Chain, Operation and Project Management. In his career, he also developed Global Supply Chain strategies looked after the build up of 2 manufacturing sites in 5 years in aerospace sector.

    He has strong experience in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, ERP (SAP), Demand Planning, S&OP and Change Management.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, SCOR-P (APICS)


    Currently Consultant.

    Previously Founding Partner of SmartChain International LLP (Consulting company specialized in supply chain and operational excellence).


    Through his 22 years’ career (14 in industry, 8 in consulting), he has gained vast operational and strategic experience in all aspects of operations management.

    He is an expert on and passionate about Demand Driven and he contributed to the development of the methodology and implementations of in major corporations (e.g., Shell).


    Certifications: DDPP, DDLP (Demand Driven Institute)


    Currently Supply Chain Senior Consultant at ERMI Consulting and Master APICS Instructor.

    Previously Senior Director of Supply Chain at LVMH/Bulgari Global Operations and Product Supply Group Mgr at Procter & Gamble.


    Competences: has more than 30 years of experience as Supply Chain Executive by covering a number of roles at increasing level of responsibility in Manufacturing, including the start up of a new production site, Logistics, domestic Planning, European Category, Global SC Planning. Has worked in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

    Has proven experience in the majority of E2E SC processes, S&OP as well as in Lean, TPM and BPR, collaborates with various groups and new start up in the digital implementations.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P (APICS), SCPro (CSCMP), Six Sigma GB


    Currently General Manager for multinational Petrol Chemical Company

    Previously Vice President of Operations at CIRCOR (American multinational Oil & Gas Company).


    Competences: Through his +20 years’ career, he has gained vast operational and strategic experience in production systems.

    He is an expert on and passionate about S&OP and Lean, which he has successfully implemented several times, one of which was recognized with the International Best Factory Award.


    Certifications: CPIM (APICS)


    Currently Founder and Senior Consultant.

    Previously General Manager at Caterpillar.


    Competences: Through his +20 years’ experience, he gained a deep knowledge on how identify and achieve process changes in Operations, particularly in the area of best Organization, Quality, Order fulfilment and Cost.

    During his career, he held various Purchasing, Technical and Manufacturing positions, also taking part in implementing LEAN in the largest Caterpillar facility in Europe.

    He has strong skills in Operations, and Supply Chain Management and is passionate about Strategic Design of Organizations and people Management for Operational Excellence.

    He is a profound expert of S&O Planning.


    Certifications: CSCP (APICS)


    Currently Senior Consultant at Advance and member of the Extended Faculty of the School of Management in Polimi (MIP).


    Competences: Graduated in Nuclear Engineering at Politecnico of Milan, he has developed a deep experience in improvement programs, working according to Lean Six Sigma methodology since 1992.

    He has been involved in GE as a consultant for the Six Sigma program since 1996 especially in the Oil & Gas sector.

    Since 1999 he has been responsible for the Six Sigma European Practice for PwC, based in Milan, working for international assignments as Dow Chemical, Citibank, Caterpillar, J&J, SGS, ABB, etc..

    He has consolidated his experience in Fiat Group, coordinating more than 400 Lean Six Sigma projects.


    Certifications: Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ)


    Currently Senior Director of Operations at Pibiviesse, a Certina AG Company.

    Previously Senior Director of Continuous Improvement at CIRCOR International.


    Competences: Mechanical engineer by training, he has more than 20 years of international experience in lean, operations, supply chain and project management. He published several books on the lean transformation of small and medium businesses, and on the management of complex supply chain in uncertain environments.


    Certifications: CSCP, CPIM (APICS), Lean Black Belt (IIBLC®), PMP


    Currently Regional Sales Manager South Europe for multinational Cargill, a global food corporation.

    Previously European Supply Manager at Cargill.


    Competences: Through his 20 years’ career, he has gained vast operational and strategic experience in production, quality, global supply chain and sales.

    He is an expert on operations management, IBP implementation, E2E projects, Production Planning and Sales Management.


    Certifications: CPIM (APICS)


    Currently Lean Project Manager at Caterpillar.

    Previously Quality Manager at Caterpillar.


    Competences: She has many years’ experience as Caterpillar’s Quality Manager and has covered roles in Six Sigma Black Belt, Product Engineering Supervisor, Supplier Development and Customer Support for the multinational Caterpillar Inc in its Valsamoggia (BO) branch office.

    She has vast experience in Project Management, Change Management and Quality System Management. She teaches ASQ-Six Sigma Green Belt certification programs.

    She holds a degee in Mechanical Engineering from Bologna University.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP (APICS), Six Sigma Green Belt, CMQ (ASQ)


    Currently Global S&OP Director for one of the biggest worldwide corporation in the agriculture business.

    Previously Operations & Planning Manager in the construction and automotive industry for some of the biggest players in the sector.


    Competences: Through his +20 years’ career, he has gained vast experience in S&OP processes, Demand Planning, Production Planning, Inventory Management, Forecasting methodologies, Theory of Constraints, Statistical and Quantitative Modelling. He is an expert on and passionate about S&OP, which he has successfully implemented several times with great achievements.


    Certifications: CSCP (APICS)


    Currently Head of Advanced Analytics at FibonacciLab

    Previously Head of Quality at Trumpf-Sisma and GE Oil&Gas, Operations Manager at GE Oil&Gas, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Rolls-Royce.


    Competences: He has over 10 years of experience as Quality and Continuous Improvement professional in international corporates. He has deployed and delivered numerous training projects and since 2019 improves his client’s supply chains deploying advanced analytics and data science techniques.

    He has a background in Aerospace Engineering and strong experience in all fields of QA/QC, Lean, Six Sigma, data analysis and operations management. 


    Certifications: Lean – Six Sigma Black Belt


    Currently Advance School’ Senior Consultant, he’s also UM&SI’s President & Co-Founder (Uncertainty Management & Study Institute).


    Competences: Management Master’s degree and various degrees on Business Management, International Trading and Electronics, he has +25 years of international experience on supply chain, purchasing, sourcing & logistics. He has experience in Companies and Multinationals leaders on various businesses as food & beverages, automotive, aerospace, advanced composite materials, EPCs, where he was in charge of managerial and director roles on purchasing, sourcing, logistics and supply chain areas.

    Author of various books and papers related to Procurement & Supply Chain.


    Certifications: CPIM (APICS), CIPS-MCIPS


    Currently Group Purchasing Director at Landi S.p.a.

    Previously several roles in Purchasing for multinational as Caterpillar, VM Motors and Magneti Marelli Powertrain.


    Competences: He has more than 15 years of experience as International Purchases Manager in Supply Chain and Sourcing manager. He has strong experience of Six Sigma, also applied to Purchasing and in implementing S&OP.

    He has deep knowledge and is in expert in tools of purchasing, the primary materials market (steel, iron, copper, aluminium and plastic materials) and New Product Introduction and Advance Product Quality Planning. 


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP (APICS), CPSM (ISM)


    Currently Head of Operations for TRUMPF Sisma.

    Previously Plant Manager at Air Liquide Welding and Director of Operations at De Pretto industrie.


    Competences: Through his career, he had the opportunity to work in Production Systems, Quality Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems and Supply Chain Management.

    He is mainly an expert on execution and Lean, which he has successfully implemented in several production environment (mainly Engineering to Order and Assembly to Order).

    Lately passionate about the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP (APICS), DDLP, DDPP (Demand Driven Institute)


    Currently Managing Director for the Italian subsidiary of a multinational Railway Company.

    Previously Operations Director and Supply Chain director in different plants and businesses.


    Competences: more than 20 years’ career as Supply chain and operation director in several multinational companies (railway industry, automotive, electronics industry, green economy).

    Passionate about continuous improvement and Lean production.


    Certifications: CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P (APICS), Lean Champion (IIBLC)