New program Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain - CTSC - APICS

Supply chains have faced significant disruptions in recent years. Now more than ever, supply chain professionals need to become transformational leaders with skills in systems thinking, digital fluency and analytical methods for all types of supply chains.

The new APICS Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC) will equip you with frameworks, strategies, processes, and tools to effectively manage an end-to-end supply chain transformation.

Supply chain transformation can help your company to achieve a competitive edge, improve your financial performance, and provide better customer service.

It increases collaboration between different departments, suppliers, and partners, leading to better communication and alignment of business objectives throughout your supply chain.

The CTSC covers frameworks, strategies, processes, tools, and technologies applied to managing an end-to-end supply chain transformation and leverages components of globally recognized industry standards, including the ASCM SCOR Digital Standard (DS), Enterprise Standards for Sustainability and the Digital Capabilities Model (DCM) to:


  • Identify risks and opportunities, and select the appropriate philosophies, frameworks, models, and approaches to effect transformation
  • Apply systems thinking to develop, analyze, verify, and validate concept alternatives for transformation
  • Manage skills, roles, responsibilities, and infrastructure needed for successful supply chain transformation
  • Identify tools and technologies to enable effective supply chain transformation
  • Identify and implement strategies for reinforcing and replicating improvements