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27 hours for each course (18 hours of the course "Intro to SC")


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Foundations of SC Mgt. - APICS

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Foundations of Supply Chain Management is a set of 6 courses introduced by APICS which is now spreading rapidly around the world.

The subjects discussed are:

Foundations of Inventory Management - PIM (27 hours)
Foundations of Distribution & Logistics - PDL (27 hours)
Foundations of Operations Planning - POP (27 hours)
Foundations of Manufacturing Management (27 hours)
Foundations of Managing Operations (27 hours)
Introduction to Supply Chain Principles (18 hours) 
Each course includes different modules of 3 hours each. On demand, Advance can also plan Office Hours (duration 1,5 hours, usually every 2 weeks) with a certified instructor who will provide insights, explanations and case studies discussion.
At the end of each Foundations of SC Management course, candidates will receive the Certificate of Completion from ASCM.

  • Teaching plan




    Foundations of Inventory Management (27 hours)

    This subject deals with the fundamentals related to the proper management of storage and stock, whether primary materials, semi worked materials, or the finished product. The strategic function of the warehouse and numerous supply techniques, up to the description of the functioning of lean-type warehouses will be explained in detail. In addition, the course will introduce the participants to the cardinal concepts of the management of purchases, supply strategies, order management, and measuring performance. The arguments to be dealt with are as follows:

    • Inventory management fundamentals
    • Ordering techniques
    • Replenishment policies 
    • Purchasing management 
    • Just-in-time and lean methodologies 
    • Inventory performance measurement


    Foundations of Distribution & Logistics (27 hours)

    This subject will provide participants with the fundamentals for effective and efficient management of distribution and transport along the Supply Chain. The arguments to be dealt with are as follows:

    • Operations management foundations
    • Introduction to distribution and logistics
    • Distribution channel design
    • Inventory management
    • Distribution requirements planning (DRP)
    • Warehouse management
    • Packaging and material handling
    • Transportation management
    • Transportation operations.


    Foundations of Operations Planning (27 hours)

    This subject provides detailed training on the strategic and operational processes which are the foundation for a proper production plan, in other words of the management of demand and prediction, on the process of defining the joint plan of sales-production-storage by identifying the focal passage from the strategic plan to the operational plan. In addition, the principles of techniques at the base of every level of planning necessary for the Supply Chain from the strategic level (Business Plan) to the operational level will be explained. The arguments to be dealt with are as follows:

    • Planning foundations
    • Business planning
    • Basics of forecasting
    • Sales and Operations planning
    • Master scheduling
    • Capacity management
    • Operations systems


    Foundations of Manufacturing Management (27 hours)

    This subject provides the fundamentals for understanding and efficiently managing planning, scheduling and controls of the productive processes. Arguments such as product structure, work cycles, distinct bases, MRP logic and its use, the management of capacity and production plans, the execution and control of the production plan, the scheduling of advanced production and lean production constitute the object of the course. The arguments to be dealt with are as follows:

    • Manufacturing management fundamentals
    • Manufacturing product structures
    • Material requirements planning (MRP)
    • Capacity planning and management
    • Production activity control
    • Advanced scheduling
    • Lean production management


    Foundations of Managing Operations (27 hours)

    This subject provides fundamental knowledge on production, on the joint processes of design and production, on quality management, on the company improvement with the related measure of performance and the fundamental rules for proper management of any company project. The arguments to be dealt with are as follows:

    • Processes and operations
    • Project management
    • Product and process design 
    • Total quality management
    • Statistical quality control 
    • Process improvement and optimization
    • Organizational management and performance


    Introduction to Supply Chain Principles (18 hours)

    The proper management of inventory, the planning process, manufacturing, distribution management, logistics, processes, and the purchasing function are fundamental to a successful Supply Chain. This course covers key concepts and terms to start building a working knowledge of the methods, techniques, and language of operations management and Supply Chain management.

  • Who is the course aimed at


    • Newly recruited personnel to be quickly integrated into the company in the Planning, Logistics, Production, Purchasing, Customer Service and Warehouse Management functions.
    • Professionals working in the Supply Chain Management area.
    • Function managers and staff resources who wish to learn or consolidate skills in Supply Chain management.
    • Managers and staff resources from plant functions who wants to improve their knowledge on Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Planning & Control  process
    • ERP consultants
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