APICS Logistics, Transportation & Distribution

Today's globalisation and increasing client expectations are putting under pressure those responsible for logistics and the distribution chain. Complex international contexts, as well as new technologies, require training and a “logistics culture” that only those with long experience in the field and international expertise can possess.


The CLTD programme, available both in classroom and live webinar mode, was created to gather together the best international experiences in logistics, distribution and transport. The programme is dedicated to the logistics professionals and supplies operational tools, best practices, experiences and contents to bring concrete solutions to the company.


The extent of the Master in Logistics allows it to deal deeply with all kinds of topics such as, for example, the connection with the supply chain and new trends (lean logistics), stock and warehouse management, transport, global logistics (infrastructure, customs, etc.), distributive network planning and finally reverse logistics. The aim is to provide participants with the widest possible spectrum of knowledge in such a vast field.


The Master is based on APICS Body of Knowledge (BOK) with the aim of:

  • Transferring Best Practice into the fields of Logistics, Transport and Distribution
  • Preparing the candidate for international certification CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution)
  • Encouraging the passage from knowledge to skills.


The course is held by certified teachers with several years of professional and teaching experience in the fields of Transportation, Logistics & Distribution.


Upon request, Advance organises in-house training programmes in any language.