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5 days in 3 months,
32 hours


15 October 2020 Lausanne
29 October 2020 Basel


CHF 3800 + VAT (includes learning kit)


Courses and Master's

Master CSCP APICS - Certified Supply Chain Professional

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"An award-winning ADVANCE course has a high added value as it enables you to prepare for international recognition certifications, and in particular the APMI CPIM course has allowed me to get the best international practices that have enabled me to start my start-up project in Rolls-Royce, giving me professional advancement both from the point of view of responsibility and remuneration. This led me to enrol me in another SC Management course - the CSCP - to gain additional skills to apply according to international best practices." Pierantonio Pierobon, Operations Director - FLY Spa



Advance instructors collaborated on the new version of the CSCP course. 
The new APICS editions of Advance School offer the opportunity to participate in The Fresh Connection, a tactical / strategic application module of acquired knowledge, together with a qualified APICS instructor.

The main objectives of the course are:

. Understand and ensure the integration and coordination of increasingly complex Supply Chain activities

. Designing and developing a Supply Chain strategy aligned with that of the business

. Managing Relationships with Customers and Suppliers

. Recognize how logistics, technology, and data can enhance your company's performance

. Find out how to ensure continuity of all processes to meet your customer's expectations, reduce costs, and improve results


Advance also offers In-house training programs upon request.

  • Teaching plan

    The curriculum is composed by using the structure of the course and the detailed program. The Master is divided into 5 training days, following the master structure:




    The Master consists of 3 modules, each of them being provided:

    • A classroom training phase
    • An individual study phase with distance support for instructors
    • Simulation of the classroom exam with discussion of the results
    • An online part, in English, consisting of:

    - A self-assessment module to identify ex-ante areas of knowledge to improve.

    - A multiple choice question module to verify your degree of learning during the CSCP training program.

    Strong interactivity, coupled with exchanging personal experiences, enables participants to enrich their knowledge and address the problems they face from their companies. 
The course, text books (with online part) and final exam are all in English. Good knowledge of English is therefore required. However, for in house classes, Advance can arrange the language of choice but books and exams are always in English. The course lessons are run mid-week (Mon-Fri).
    Only one final exam is required for certification.


    MODULE 1: Fundamentals of Supply Chain

    • Supply Chain Management Concepts
    • Supply Chain Design and Improvement Considerations
    • Logistics Fundamentals
    • Market Segmentation
    • Demand Planning
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Concepts

    MODULE 2: Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance

    Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance
    Risk Management
    Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    Inventory Planning and Control

    MODULE 3: Implementation and Operations

    • Supply Chain Dynamics
    • Managing Supply from Internal Sources
    • Managing Supply from External Sources
    • Implementation of Demand Plans


    Additional module: The Fresh Connection (1 day) This module, which is part of the Advance School's Train for Per4mance program , will examine the tactical and strategic choices to be applied in the Supply Chain to improve the P&L of a manufacturing company of fruit juices, The Fresh Connection. For more information on the benefits, read the Success Story Advance - Case New Holland: Train for Per4mance section

  • Who is the course aimed at

    The course focuses on the following professional figures:


    • Supply Chain Managers wanting to validate their knowledge and / or make sure they are up to date on Best Practices
    • Leaders of one or more Supply Chain activities and people in staff who want to expand their scope and knowledge across the entire Supply Chain
    • Operation Managers who want to integrate their relationships with Suppliers and Clients into their management
    • ERP Consultants wishing to expand their knowledge of all Supply Chain processes and how to handle them with new technologies
    • Consultancy firms that operate on their Clients' Supply Chain reorganization projects



    You must have one of the following requirements to support taking the final exam:

    - 3 years of experience in the Supply Chain area


    - Possessing a CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, CSM, CPSM certification


    - Degree (Bachelor's degree or the international equivalent)


    You can check your eligibility for the exam by submitting the application online to APICS via the link: Eligibility Application CSCP   
    You will be asked to register and enter information on your CV. Then you will have an answer within a maximum of 2 weeks.

  • Pricing and enrolment

    As shown below, the participation fees vary depending on when you subscribe to the course. Hurry not to miss the advantages offered by the school!



     3800 CHF + VAT (without exam)

    For registrations received 45 days before the start date of the course, it is foreseen a 5% rebate on the enrolment fee.


    • The quotas include the original CSCP Learning System APICS (text books and online part).

    Places are limited in order to allow optimal interaction between participants and instructors. 
To enrol, send the registration form with the receipt of the bank transfer or a purchase order to the following Email: