IIBLC®, the International Independent Board for Lean Certification (www.iiblc.org), is a non-profit association that promotes 3 professional Lean certifications based on its own Book of Knowledge:

  • Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL)
  • Certified Black Belt in Lean (CBBL)
  • Certified Champion in Lean (CChL)

IIBLC® aims to provide an objective and independent attestation of knowledge and skills in Lean methodology to companies and individuals, and, thanks to the standardised certification system, to become an international benchmark.

IIBLC® was founded in 2009 and currently conducts certification exams in + 10 European countries and 3 continents.

In Italy and Switzerland  exams are administered by Advance School.

IIBLC® is completely independent of any organisation or consulting company. The members of the Content Committee are international experts in the field. Together, they have produced the reference guide, the 'Book Of Knowledge'.