Why a Lean Certification

More and more companies today use Lean strategies to better deal with the challenges of the market.

Over the past 40 years, thousands of companies around the world have adopted the Lean approach, delivering extraordinary improvements in both manufacturing and service sectors, with surprising results in terms of market share, customer service, cash and profit.

Lean is an approach aimed at improving the flow of value in a value chain through the systematic elimination of waste.

IIBLC®, the International Independent Board for Lean Certification, was founded in 2009 as a non-profit association based in Brussels that promotes 3 professional Lean certifications based on the Book of Knowledge, developed and updated by IIBLC®:

  1. Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL)
  2. Certified Black Belt in Lean (CBBL)
  3. Certified Champion in Lean (CChL)


Lean certification is geared to professionals working in Operations and Supply Chain who want to grow, with the goal of gaining international expertise and contributing to the success of their business.

For the professional, IIBLC® certification therefore represents an objective recognition of their skills in the Lean area, knowledge of Best Practices and Book of Knowledge expertise, based on international standards.

A professional with excellent and up to date skills also contributes significantly to disseminating these throughout the company and creating the conditions for the company’s success.

Today, IIBLC® certification can be obtained in 10+ countries and on 4 continents. In Italy and Switzerland, certification is administered by Advance Operations Management School, exclusive partner and the sole IIBLC® Exam Centre. Advance also offers the very popular preparatory  courses for Green Belt, Black Belt and Champion certification.

 Advance can boast a high degree of innovation in its courses, using long established partnerships with associations, international consulting firms and universities, and has developed a training method called Train for Performance (T4P) that accelerates the transition from knowledge into skills.