Advance and Udine University together in the APICS Global challenge TFC


We present the Udine University Team sponsored by Advance School which will take part in the international The Fresh Challenge competition. The initiative, which is promoted by APICS and supported by Advance in Italy, offers the chance to win a free trip to the world final which will take place in San Antonio, Texas in the first month of October.


It is a team which is 75% composed of females and will see Alessandra Tessitori, Alessandra Piermattei, Elisa Del Mistro and Davide Lazzati, students of the Udine campus who will challenge 1,200 colleagues from more than 150 teams from 35 countries and the most qualified Universities and Business Schools. The team was formed within the Logistics Systems Management Course taught by Pietro Romano who will be the team’s supervisor during the business game together with Advance School. All we have to do is wish our young team the best of luck!



What is the Global Challenge? – The Fresh Connection 
It is a yearly worldwide competition in the Supply Chain organized by APIC which involves hundreds of teams of students from the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools around the world. It is based on a Case Study of a fruit juice company, the Fresh Connection, with a very wide distribution and in serious financial difficulty. Each team of 4 students make tactical and strategic choices in the Supply Chain to increase ROI and to save the company, Each component of the team has his/her role: purchasing, with the choice and management of suppliers in the raw materials, production, in the management of the production cycles of the fruit juices, in the management of the warehouses and supplies of the raw materials and the finished products (supply chain), sales with the management of customers and the distribution of products. The Fresh Connection was first introduced into Italy by Advance School as a training module in the Supply Chain for its APICS courses. 

In 2015, the team of Udine University and Advance School got the 3rd place in the global challenge in the final in Las Vegas.