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3 days


20 June 2022 Bologna
15 November 2022 Basel


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The SCOR-P exam is to be taken within 6 months from the program start


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SCOR - Supply Chain Operations Reference Model

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The SCOR – Supply Chain Operations Reference Model was developed initially for the Supply Chain Council (SCC) in 1996 and it is an indispensable model of reference to design and implement a solid Supply Chain project.

The SCOR model brings together Business, Metrics, Best Practice and Technology processes under an internationally recognised framework to:
• Improve communication between SC Partners
• Improve the efficiency of SC management
• Measure SC processes
• identify the continuous improvement path

The company can greatly improve its own performance by applying it in the designing or the re-engineering of a Supply Chain.
For participants, the course constitutes an important opportunity to learn the logic of the model and the rules to efficiently implement it.

By using the standardization of macro processes and the use of a common language, the SCOR model is based on three correlated “pillars”:
• Modelling
• Key Performance indicators
• Best Practices

The model is very useful in the following cases:
• Development of an SC strategy
• Reviewing of the SC in case of acquisition, mergers or disinvestments
• Optimisation or Re-engineering of an SC
• Standardisation and reduction of the costs of an SC
• Creation of company dashboards and management reports
• Planning of the Start-up of an SC
• Benchmarking
• Processes of Outsourcing –identification of the processes to be used
• ERP Implementation
• Identification of skill models for an SC


  • Teaching plan

    The teaching plan is made up of the course structure and detailed plan.



    Day 1 - Framework

    • Introduction to the SCOR Framework
    • SCOR Reference Sources
    • Using the SCOR Sourcebook
    • SCOR Performance : Definition
    • SCOR Performance : Attributes and Levels
    • SCOR Processes : Definition
    • SCOR Processes and the Supply Chain
    • SCOR Processes : Levels
    • SCOR Practices : Definition
    • SCOR People : Definition
    • Green SCOR : Definition


    Days 2 & 3 - SCOR Improvement Program: Concepts and Practices

     SCOR Improvement Program Racetrack: Introduction

    • SCOR Program Phase 1 - Pre-SCOR
      • Motivations for Undertaking a SCOR Improvement Program
      • SCOR Improvement Program Organization
      • Pre-SCOR Case Study
    • SCOR Program Phase 2 - S: Set the Scope
      • Creating the Supply Chain Definition Matrix
      • Improvement Program Charter
      • S: Set the Scope Case Study
    • SCOR Program Phase 3 - C: Configure the Supply Chain
      • SCOR Level 1 and Level 2 Metrics Selection
      • Benchmarking
      • Creating a SCORcard
      • C: Configure the Supply Chain Case Study
    • SCOR Program Phase 4 - O: Optimize Projects
      • Create Preliminary Project Portfolio
      • Prioritization and Sequencing of Projects
      • O: Optimize Projects Case Study
    • SCOR Program Phase 5 – R: Ready for Implementation
      • Improvement Project Charter
      • Project Test, Pilot, and Rollout

    R: Ready for Implementation Case Study

  • Who is the course aimed at

    The course is aimed at the following professional figures:


    • Supply Chain Managers and resources in the staff
    • Purchase Managers
    • Procurement Managers
    • Logistics Managers
    • Operations Directors
    • ERP Consultants
    • Supply Chain Consultants
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    CHF 4100 + VAT (APICS member price).  

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    The fee include the APICS teaching material and SCOR-P exam.

    The course requires a minimum of 6 participants for the activation. Seats are limited in order to allow optimal interaction between participants and instructors.

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