LaMarsh Global

LaMarsh Global has been a leader in Change Management for more than 35 years, and aims to provide strategic and tactical advice through education and by providing Executive Coaching certification and services based on the Managed Change ™ methodology.

LaMarsh Global's activities include:

  • helping companies to improve competitiveness, saving money and reducing stress
  • sharing useful strategies to avoid the pitfalls and resistance that may arise from poor change management
  • providing support to corporate figures who play key roles in change initiatives
  • designing and building Change Management strategies that include Communication, Learning and action plans for Reward/Recognition


Advance School is LaMarsh partner and offers:

  • LaMarsh Global Change Agent Level I – Knowledge certification preparation course
  • LaMarsh Global Change Agent Level II – Application certification preparation course

Invest in yourself and your future! Discover all LaMarsh Global courses created by Advance School. Our courses will provide you with tools to take the LaMarsh Global Change Agent certification exam. Contact us for detailed information on the programmes, dates and enrolment fees. We are waiting for you!