New Snapshot Advance SC Consulting " How to prepare your supply chain for the growing challenges- CASE STUDY"


In recent years increasing numbers of businesses have understood how important it is to improve the expertise of their organisations in order to guarantee a return on investment.


The Supply Chain Academy developed by Advance was created to meet these needs. Its approach is geared to identifying programmes in line with the company Supply Chain strategy and consists of a series of key steps aimed at identifying the needs of the organisation.


The first step consists of understanding what the key skills of the company are (Define Profiles) and then, for each of these, establishing the level at which the company intends to position itself in the future (TO BE) and its present level (AS IS).


The skills identified by Advance are broken down into 4 levels of knowledge/mapping ranging from an initial basic Awareness level right through to Expert level. Each level of expertise has a precise definition which helps to map the knowledge/skills of the professional.

These skills are subsequently grouped together to determine the maturity of the entire organisation. Once these steps have been carried out, it is possible to establish the areas in which there are gaps (Determine Gap) and, finally, the most appropriate training courses for plugging these gaps (Develop Training Academy).


The Supply Chain Academy has a specific tool for assessing people’s skills: http://advance.onlinemooc.co.in/



The standard against which people’s skills are evaluated is the international APICS BOK standard. Advance has identified 10 key skills for an organisation (Inventory Management, Production Scheduling,...).

However, it is important to remember that skills are constantly evolving, particularly considering the ongoing digitalisation of processes and 4.0 technologies.

Skills assessment is a key step in the creation of the Supply Chain Academy if, for example, the level of maturity of the company is unknown.


Last November, Advance was chosen by an important international company in the Automotive sector to create an SC Academy. The project, which ended at the start of the year, involved over 160 professionals from different company areas and located in Europe, America and Asia.


The Advance SC Solutions team has gathered together and analysed the information from this case study in the new snapshot “How to prepare your Supply Chain for the growing challenges of the market - CASE STUDY”.

The complete document can be downloaded from the White Paper section, click here for access: