Advance launches the LUXURY & FASHION - Demand Driven Master Implementer programme


Advance launches in Switzerland the programme Demand Driven Implementer - LUXURY & FASHION


Companies increasingly need to innovate their own operating models and adopt best practices in order to be successful on the market, improve their customer service and increase their EBITDA.

Advance School, supported by its international network of partners, has devised a unique Master’s programme for the Luxury & Fashion industry, based on Demand Driven principles, to speed up the transition from putting knowledge into expert practice and general value for companies in the industry.


This exclusive, unique programme has a duration of  13 days over a period of 4-5 months and comprises 2 parts:


- Part 1 (3 days): DDI programme for DDPP (Demand Driven Professional Planner) certification. During this stage, participants learn about Demand Driven best practices.


- Part 2 (10 days): Specific operating Business Cases are created, based on knowledge gained of Demand Driven principles, and value is created for the participants’ company, accelerating the return on the investment made in their training. During this stage, participants are assisted by Senior Consultants with long-standing experience in the Luxury & Fashion industry.




For information, visit Master DD Implementer - Luxury & Fashion or contact Anne Simone Pfister Email a.pfister@advanceschool.ch