Advance is APICS Premier Channel Partner in Switzerland



Press Release


Advance School is now ASCM Channel Partner "Premier" also for Switzerland.

This major recognition is only assigned to international schools renowned for the number of professionals certified, the quality of training programs, the excellence of trainers and their reputation on the training market.

Advance School has been a Premier Channel Partner in Italy since 2014 (first school in Europe to receive this recognition).


“We are very happy to have received this major recognition from APICS", said Ms. Pfister, General Manager at the school. “In recent years we have grown very rapidly thanks to our trainers, all senior managers in multinational companies, and also to our exclusive teaching method Train for Performance, which accelerates the conversion of knowledge into competence bringing immediate benefits to businesses. To date we have trained more than 3,000 professional from over 200 companies positioning us among the leading schools for the number of courses and exams sold in Europe. This recognition is an added stimulus to our strategy for extending our market globally and continuing to support the growth of APICS”.





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