Advance Instructor DDBrix workshop



November 27, 2021 - In the splendid business hotel of Palazzo di Varignana, located on the hills few kilometers from Bologna, Advance will host a very special event: “Advance Instructor DDBrix Workshop”.

We invited our instructor team to take part to the Workshop, a "serious game" designed to learn how to apply Demand Driven MRP concepts, with… LEGO!




The workshop takes the concepts of DDMRP and merges them into a game-like environment to show how to make an efficient supply chain.


Using the serious game simulation, the workshop allows to directly experience the advantages that Demand Driven brings within an organization, including the ease of managing priorities and planning, the improved management of the flow of information and materials.


At the same time, players learn how to balance the production and reduce team stress.

Our instructors team will be led by Patrick Rigoni and Frederic Picano, two excellent Certified Master Instructors, both with over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain.


They will have the opportunity to learn how to apply Demand Driven concepts, place and protect buffers to ensure the continuous flow of materials and information, improve service level, reduce stock, and have fun!


 Do you want more information on this engaging workshop? Write to: info@advanceschool.org


Or visit the dedicated page: DDBRIX Workshop