News: Advance is affiliated with the Demand Driven Institute


We are happy to announce that Advance School was chosen by the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) to be part of its international network of affiliated schools. This recognition is important for Advance School which in 10 years has become an international point of reference for training programmes and certification of Operations and Supply Chain Management and was chosen from more than 200 companies and 2,300 professionals to improve skills in Supply Chain Management.

DDI has created training and certification programmes based on a methodology known as Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP). In only a few years DDI’s DDPP ( Demand Driven Planner Professional) programme has assumed such importance that it was mentioned in the GARTNER 2014 Market Guide for Supply Chain Planning Certification Programs, one of the 10 most important Planning certifications in the world.

Since 2015 other programmes have been introduced by DDI have received outstanding attention from the international Supply Chain professional community and amongst these we mention the CDDL, Certified Demand Driven Leader program.

For further information on DDI products and on the courses that are about to start, contact Dr. Pfister – Email: a.pfister@advanceschool.ch