Webinar courses for APICS, LEAN and 6 SIGMA certification

Our school has planned an Interactive Learning Webinar module in response to the needs of those who, for private or professional reasons, cannot take part in classroom intercompany courses lessons. The participant will be able to associate individual study time with proprietary material in 1.5 hour sessions in group conference calls with a certified instructor. The conf-call will occur in intervals of 2-3 weeks.

More than 50 professionals were certified this year using this teaching method.


I am very satisfied with Advance School’s Interactive Lean Green Belt course which allowed me to learn Lean Best Practice and to achieve international level certification. Between the classroom solution and the Interactive learning module, I chose the latter for work related reasons and also because I already had Lean experience. I found the course well structured and up to date and the teachers were extremely well prepared."
Luca Borgatti, Plant Manager Cargill Starch & Sweeteners Italia


The following are the courses available in Webex Interactive Learning modules. Click on the link to access the course prospectus.


Master Certification BSCM/CPIM APICS Webinar


Master Certification LEAN GREEN BELT IIBLC® (CGBL) Webinar


Master Certification LEAN BLACK BELT IIBLC® (CBBL) Webinar


Master Certification 6 SIGMA GREEN BELT ASQ (CSSGB) Webinar - Coming Soon!



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