Course APICS Customer - Focused Supply Chain Management (CFSCM)

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Course APICS Customer - Focused Supply Chain Management (CFSCM)

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APICS has launched this one-day course for professionals in Supply Chain support functions (for example, sales and marketing, accountability, IT).

The course offers a general view and the fundamental knowledge of SC management and has been designed for rapid and efficient training of team members which interact with and support Supply Chain activities by contributing to increasing efficiency and improvement in general.

After this course, participants will be better able to contribute to efficient management and Customer oriented SC by having successfully learnt the logic and functioning of a Supply Chain.

In addition, the course will introduce participants to APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) certification.

Participants in this programme will be able:

  • To learn the basic terminology used in managing the SC and to communicate more efficiently with the SC teams.
  • To understand the key elements in SC management and how improvements to the processes and communications can bring about more customer satisfaction and better profitability.
  • To better contribute to the success of the company through better knowledge of the Supply Chain processes and the common international language.


The course is available in both inter-company and in-house modes.