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4 days in 3 months,
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5 November 2020 Lausanne
9 November 2020 Basel


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BSCM - Basics Tutorial Program - CPIM Part 1

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The CPIM Part 1, Basics of Supply Chain Management module, is the first of the 2 parts necessary for APICS CPIM certification.

The CPIM Part 1 module provides the basic knowledge to manage the complete Supply Chain from the Supplier to the Client. In addition to generally dealing with the contents of CPIM certification, it also introduces and explains in detail the professional terminology of Supply Chain and Operations Management which is indispensable for operating in both local and international contexts.

At the end of the course the Participant will take the CPIM Part 1 exam which represents the first step towards CPIM certification.

The BASICS tutorial programme is a valid tool to increase the level of company awareness by creating a common foundation of knowledge in company personnel.

The objectives of this course are:

  • Transfer basic knowledge of complete flow management of materials in the Supply Chain from the Supplier
  • Introduce and explain in detail the professional terminology used in Area Production and Inventory Management





  • Teaching plan

    The teaching plan consists in the structure of the course and the detailed programme. The Master is divided into 4 teaching days; the main contents are listed below.



    The Basics module CPIM Part 1 (as well as CPIM Part 2) consists in:

    • A teaching phase in the classroom
    • An individual study phase with distance support by the instructors
    • Simulation of a classroom exam with a discussion of the results

    The whole course is in English and is divided into 4 days of classroom teaching with certified instructors.


    The course includes the following teaching modules:

    Businesswide concepts

    • Organization Fundamentals
    • Operating Environments
    • Matrix Product/Process
    • Financial Fundamentals
    • Manufacturing Resource Planning
    • Just-in-time
    • Total Quality Management
    • Impact of Environment on System Design and Deployment
    • Continuous Improvement of Products and Processes
    • Six Sigma 
    • TOC

    Demand Planning

    • Marketplace-Driven
    • Customer Expectations and Definitions of Value
    • Customer Relationships
    • Demand Management and factors influencing Demand
    • Forecasting models

    Transformation of Demand into Supply

    • Design for transformation process
    • Sales & Operations Planning
    • Capacity Management
    • Planning (purposes, inputs and outputs)
    • MPS/MRP
    • Execution and Control
    • Performance Measurements


    • Inventory Management
    • Functions of Inventory
    • ABC analysis
    • Economic Order quantity
    • Purchasing & Supplier Relationship
    • Physical Distribution System
    • Lean - Six Sigma


    > For this module APICS will issue a certificate of successful completion of the exam.

    After the successful outcome of the BSCM exam, the candidate can choose to continue the path towards CPIM certification by integrating this part with the CPIM part 2.


    Additional Module: The Fresh Connection (1 day)

    During the course of this module, which is part of Advance School’s Train for Per4mance programme, the tactical and strategic choices to be applied to the Supply Chain to improve the P&L of a fruit juice company will be examined, The Fresh Connection.

    For other information on the module, consult Success Story Advance – Case New Holland: Train for Per4mance

  • Who is the course aimed at

    The course is aimed at the following professional figures:


    • Recently appointed Personnel responsible for Logistics or Production and staff resources
    • Personnel responsible for other workplace functions that wish to learn or consolidate their management skills in the Supply Chain.
    • Personnel that must use the English language in their workplace relations and which require a good working knowledge of the basic concepts and the professional terminology of Operations Management.



    There are no entry requirements for the course or the exam

  • Pricing and enrolment

    As shown below, the participation fees vary depending on when you subscribe to the course. Hurry not to miss the advantages offered by the school!



    CHF 2950 + VAT (without exam)

    For registrations received 30 days before the start date of the course, it is foreseen a 5% rebate on the enrolment fee.


    The quotas include the APICS didactic material and learning kit. The quota does not include exams.


    The course envisages a minimum of 6 participants for the activation, in order to allow optimal interaction between participants and instructors.

    To enrol, send the registration form with the receipt of the bank transfer or a purchase order to the following Email: